About us

Cambodiaresorts.biz specializes in providing useful information about tourism, hotels and resorts in Cambodia. In addition to a professional tour guide management & service subsidiary. Our size means competitive prices, high-level quality assurance, superior customer service, and the most up to date local information. Since the beginning the company has established good working relationships with local suppliers, transportation agents, hotels across the region that we are in good position to have best offer from them.

We offer tour packages, customized trips covering regional flights, transfers, hotel bookings
and car rentals. We provide much more than a regular tours of Cambodia’s cities, villages, landscapes and cultural treasures – our goal is to give you a truly memorable travel experience from the moment that you send us an email or communicate with us in any way.

Cambodiaresorts.biz is committed to providing fine quality of service in any aspect of our products. We consolidate our position in the travel industry with a comprehensive range of programs and our friendly environment operation reinforces our commitment to the sustainable development.